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Operators can currently sign up and post flights on EmptyJets free of charge, however, if you wish to browse and book all available flights the normal membership cost of $29.95 will apply.

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Terms and Conditions

1. The Operator shall ensure that all provisions of the Air Navigation Act 1910, Civil Aviation Act 1988, and Air Services Act 1995 and any regulation or order or requirement thereunder and all obligations thereunder shall be duly observed and adhered to at all times. The Operator shall hold an Air Operator's Certificate in force pursuant to the Civil Aviation 1988 authorising charter and/or airline operations. The Operator shall comply with the obligations of Part IVA of the Civil Aviation (Carriers' Liability) Act 1959 as ammended.

2. The Operator shall, in respect to the flight or service to which the Civil Aviation (Carriers' Liability) Act 1959 applies, ensure that all provisions of the said Act and all of the obligations (whether regulation, order or other) of the Operator thereunder shall be duly observed.

3. In the event of it being unable to perform or complete the flight or service for any reason beyond its control, the operator shall refund all monies paid by the customer and Empty Jets is under no obligation or liability to the operator in respect thereof.

4. The Operator shall be responsible for liaising with the customer in relation to all aspects of flight once the flight has been booked through Empty Jets, including but not limited to, departure location and time, baggage and passenger weights.

5. If the initial flight time changes for any reason the operator will use it's best endeavours to negotiate an alternative time with the customer.

(a) The operator shall provide the aircraft at the commencement of the charter properly managed, equipped and fuelled and shall so maintain it during the period the charter including incorportation of all regulatory requirements in so far as it relates to the said aircraft.

(b) The cost of operating the aircraft including remuneration and expenses of the operating crew, running costs (including catering costs, if any), airport dues (including all navigational charges) are included in the charter price.

(c) The operator shall provide the same level of service to the customer as if the charter were conducted as a normal commercial flight.

6. The operator shall be responsible for maintaining up to date flight details on the Empty Jets website.

7. Empty Jets shall pay the charter price to the operator by Electronic Funds Transfer within 7 days of completion of the flight.

8. The operator shall have the right to refuse to carry any passenger who, or cargo which might, endanger the safety or the integrity of the aircraft. The operator shall indemnify, release and hold harmless Empty Jets, its servants and agents, against all claims, costs, demands, suits, judgements or other action (whether direct or indirect and irrespective of jurisdiction) whatsoever and howsoever arising from this charter.

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