Fancy a private jet fantasy?

Published Apr 27, 2010

FAKE it 'til you make it, right? Well, here goes.

"Want to come for a spin in my private jet? No, seriously?"

It's a show-stopping conversation you can now have with your mates, without kissing goodbye to three months' salary to prove your point.

All you need is a few hundred bucks, a chic posse of minders, a contemptuous swagger, perhaps a pair of aviator sunglasses and you can morph into a hardened rock star, an uber-rich celebrity or a Macquarie banker. Wealth deception has never come so cheap.

And it's called EmptyJets. The collective brainchild of a flock of Sydney commercial pilots, EmptyJets launched two months ago with the view of filling dozens of empty private and corporate jets plying our skies.

Of course, at a substantial discount to what the regular patrons pay.

A cashed-up client may charter a $6 million Raytheon Premier 1 jet from Sydney to Melbourne for a colossal sum of $15,000, whereas EmptyJet could then sell you the already-paid return leg for as little as $2000. Split it between five mates and for $400 you can commute like kings.

"We saw in our own business how many empty jets were flying around. There is another person paying the full rate, so why don't we get people to fly the return leg at cheap prices?" co-founder James Baldwin said.

The business suits all tastes and wallets. At the bottom end, the company recently sold an empty Cesna Mustang jet flight from Sydney to Orange to a couple for $290. They had the entire private jet to themselves.

At the top end, customers can feel like James Packer or Oprah Winfrey in the most luxurious jet on the market, the $50 million Bombardier Global Express, with 10 leather lounge suits, beds, plasma TVs and your own air hostess.

To charter a Global Express from Sydney to Auckland would normally cost about $40,000. Empty Jets advertised the same route and jet recently for $8000 - only $800 a head, cheaper than a commercial business class seat.

"There is no better way to fly. You turn up at the airport, you don't have to wait, you are in a private terminal, the pilot meets you at the stairs and away you go in the comfort of your own private jet," Mr Baldwin said.

"People say 'well you can just travel with Jetstar', but you hop on some of these jets and there are full-leather lounge chairs and plasma TVs. It's a different world."

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