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EmptyJets is a service which allows Members to purchase flights on charter aircraft which would be otherwise travelling empty. This includes luxury jets, light aircraft, airliners and helicopters.

Often our prices are around 75-80% off the normal charter price, saving you literally thousands of dollars!
EmptyJets also allows you once in a lifetime chances to fly in luxury aircraft that were once reserved for the rich and famous!

When you purchase an EmptyJets flight, you have exclusive access to the ENTIRE AIRCRAFT for that flight sector. For the listed price, you can take as many people up to the capacity of the aircraft. As a licensed travel agent, we are now also able to offer individual seats as an option on these charters.

Charter aircraft are like "taxi cabs of the sky". Our flights can be to/from anywhere in Australia or beyond, but are random in nature and many occur at short notice. We are not a scheduled airline service but invite you to make the most of the flight opportunities that are listed on our site.

Many EmptyJets flights are one way only, so you may need to organise your trip home by another means (scheduled / budget airline, limo, hire car etc) but we hope the experience will be worth it.

As a registered EmptyJets member, you can view, search, and purchase upcoming EmptyJets flights, as well as set alerts to be automatically notified (by email) as soon as flight that might interest you arises.

We currently offer two levels of membership:

Gold Membership Features

  • View and purchase all listed flights
  • Save literally thousands of dollars with our "Make an Offer" function
  • Request diversions to the listed flight (request quote to other destination or dropoff/pickup at other locations enroute)
  • Set Email Alerts to auto-notify you of flights that meet your criteria.

Limited Membership Features

  • View and purchase all flights
  • Set Email Alerts to auto-notify you of flights that meet your criteria.


I have lost my password, what now?

You can use the lost password feature on the website to change your password. You must also know your username to use this feature.

How are my credit card details secured?

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security and internal controls to ensure the protection of your credit card information at all times. More info

Who is EmptyJets?

EmptyJets is an Australian company founded by aviation professionals with over 30 years industry experience . We realised a need to offer a service to the Australian public to utilise of the thousands of empty aircraft flying from place to place each year.

Who benefits from EmptyJets service?

You the Customer

You can access a range of flights going to locations not serviced by regular airlines, at a price much cheaper than a normal charter flight. EmptyJets also makes flying on luxurious aircraft, once only accessible to the wealthy, more affordable to average person.

The Aircraft Operator

Charter operators earn extra revenue for their empty flights

The Aviation Industry

The industry benefits as operators gain extra revenue and charter fliying becomes more affordable to travellers.

The Environment

More people can fly for the same environmental impact.

Why should I sign up as a member of EmptyJets?

As a member of EmptyJets access to view and purchase all empty flights posted with EmptyJets. You can also be notified of any empty flights by destination or aircraft type that interest you using our "My Alerts" area.

How do I pay for a flight?

Our secure online booking system is used for all flight purchases using normally accepted credit cards. An invoice will be automatically sent to you by email.

What happens after I book a flight?

After you book a flight, you will be sent a confirmation with the charter operator's contact details to arrange the departure with the aircraft operator. The operator is sent a purchase order and contact details for you the charterer.

If the flight is only one way how do I get home?

The majority of flights offered by EmptyJets are one way only. If required, you would organise your own means of returning home. If you preferred air transport, this might be by scheduled airline, a normal charter flight, or another EmptyJets flight.

Can the flight be cancelled on us?

The nature of empty leg flights is that they exist due to another party chartering the aircraft, or due to an aircraft positioning for another purpose. Should the flight be cancelled, you will be notified and a full refund of the flight price will be given within 7 days. Unfortunately we cannot reimburse any additional expenses incurred by you in relation to the flight. Safety is always a priority and sometimes flights need to be cancelled due to weather or other reasons. You will be given a full refund if this occurs.

Can I book a single seat on a flight?

When you purchase a flight with EmptyJets, you have the option of chartering the whole aircraft for that particular leg. This means you'll have the aircraft all to yourself and your friends. You then also gain more flexibility with nominating a preferred departure time. As a licensed travel agent, we can also offer the option of purchasing individual seats on charter flights or tours.

Who flies the plane?

The flights are operated only by Operators approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) or other relevant body to conduct charter operations in the relevant state, territory or country. EmptyJets reviews operators qualifications when they register with us, however the safety and regulatory compliance of the flight remains with the Operator.

What type of aircraft would I be flying in?

All types of aircraft that are approved for passenger charter operations can be listed on EmptyJets. This includes private jets, light aircraft, helicopters and airliners.

Can I cancel the flight after booking?

You can cancel the flight after booking if necessary, however cancellation fees will apply.

How long does membership last?

EmptyJets membership fee currently entitles you for a minimum 12 month subscription.

What flexibility is offered with timing of the flight?

You can request and arrange with the aircraft operator to vary your departure time if required, but final details are at the discretion of the operator.

What flexibility is offered with destinations?

Once you have purchased a flight, you may be able to departure/destinations details at the discretion of the operator. This may incur additional costs which would be arranged directly with the operator.

What is provided with the flight?

The booking with EmptyJets provides you with travel on the charter flight as arranged with the operator. Any inclusions such as catering, transfers etc are at the discretion of the operator.

How long do we need to arrive before the flight?

The operator will discuss with you your departure location and the time you should arrive before the flight. The charter may be flexible in timing but this is at the discretion of the operator. Arriving 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure is advised if possible.

What if we are running late?

If you are running late, contact the aircraft operator with the contact numbers provided. If you arrive for departure after the arranged departure time you may be required to forfeit the flight without refund.

What if there are no flights available to where I want to go?

EmptyJets offers an automated notification system to notify you of any flights arising to or from locations you specify. Gold members can also request quotes for pickups or drop-offs from enroute locations or change to alternate departure or destinations using the Diversion feature.

Our service is more about the "experience" than simply meeting a requirement to go from one place to another.

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